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Where to file a complaint against an online casino

If you have played at online casinos you might wonder if there is anything you can do if the casino does something not to your liking.  If you lurk around any casino forums you might have an idea of what I am talking about.  Sometimes casinos go out of business or maybe they don’t have enough money to pay their players.  So what happens? Sometimes players are stiffed on the cashout and are giving bogus excuses as to why they can’t get paid. Doesn’t sound nice but there are many instances where players are going up against a casino that acts like a bully and players are left to wonder, what is it for them that they can do to make the online casino listen up for once.

Thankfully there is one site that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping players whether it is something as simple as trying to claim a bonus to something more complicated like cashouts being rejected for not adhering to the bonus terms and conditions. That site is thepogg.com which is short for Players Online Gambling Guide.

Here is their video that explains what the website is all about:


The POGG’s special feature all lies in their casino complaints helping online casino players with problems. Most commonly some casinos try to make up excuses as to why the player won’t get paid and sometimes the ridiculous happens and thankfully there is someone that is willing to help players especially in cases where the casino is actually wrong. Certainly some players are not aware that services like thePogg exists.

Their site offers genuine reviews and is one of the few casino portals that actually will protect the players first while others don’t care and just want advertising money and will send you to some of the shadiest casinos online.  You can check out their forum to join their community which is moderated by casino experts and it does feature a few casino bonuses available.


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