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Online Gambling in America

Is online gambling in America safe?

When it comes to online gambling, it is now massively popular around the world and people have accepted it as a normal activity whereas 10 years ago people would have called you crazy that you would spend money gambling online.  Now players can bet on almost anything from casinos, bingo, poker, sportsbetting and even lotteries. With casinos players can play slots, progressive slots, keno, craps, baccarat, video poker and blackjack.  Some casinos even have live dealer blackjack games where you can see the dealers play live over a video feed and even play with other online players at your table and see what they bet on too.

However in the United States gambling is big business and the laws are extremely vague as to whether online gambling is legal or not.  The department of Justice in the United States recently flip flopped on their statements of the legality of it and this is happening while many states and gaming companies are lobbying to have it legalized fully where it can be licensed, controlled and taxed.  So if you read the article at Forbes magazine you’ll realize that this is just a grey area at the moment.


So as a player here are our recommendations of what games you can play and what games to avoid.


Casinos right now are ok to play at but just be cautious that at any moment a casino could close down for business or decide to stop accepting American players. If this happens you might have some cashouts at risk of not getting paid out. Overall there are a few casinos you can still play at where your money is safe. One casino you can play at and deposit with many methods including credit cards is Play2Win casino which has a 300% bonus up to $2222.


Online bingo is also acceptable as you won’t lose too much money here and it is a recreational game you can play and join a community.


Americans love to bet on sports and this will never change.  If anything players want to be able to bet on sports all the time so it is only a matter of time before this business becomes legal.  At the moment you can still find some sportsbooks to play at that still accept American players.


Unfortunately poker is not the safest thing to gamble on if you live in the USA.  Pokerstars, fulltilt poker, ultimate bet and absolute poker were all shut down in 2011 and as a result many players lost their entire bankroll.  The nature of poker is that you rarely cashout unless you win big but most players keep their money at the poker room so they can always be playing.  Many professional pokers had to call it a career as their money is still frozen with full tilt poker and with no sign of getting any of it back any time soon.  Any poker room that takes US players at the moment who knows how long their will be able to keep doing so but unfortunately it is the wild west of online gambling.  If you have to play poker, play for fun money or play at a land based casino instead.

If you are looking for a gambling guide to teach you all aspects of gambling from depositing and recommended casinos try www.grem.net as a useful resource.

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