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Legalizing online poker in America

Will online poker ever be legal in America? The answer is it is complicated.

It never really was illegal to begin with unless you are talking about playing for real money and the house doesn’t have a license. With online gambling there is no law saying it is illegal but there is a law that makes the payment processing illegal.

In 2011 there have been some movements towards licensing and regulating online gambling in America.  Online poker is the main objective as Las Vegas feels they have been burned over the years and losing all their money to these online companies.

Now the war for online gambling is getting started. Las Vegas wants all the money in America but will all the other states accept this? Perhaps they will make their own laws making online gambling illegal unless it is licensed by their own state.

For poker players this means they are SOL. ¬†They have lost their money with Full tilt poker and now they will have legal online poker options but won’t have any good players to play against or a good deal.



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