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Are live dealer casinos here to stay?

Online casinos have been around for a long time and we are nearly approaching 20 years of online casinos with Microgaming software launching in 1994 and casino on net in 1998, real time gaming software also in 1998 and Playtech in 2001. Now these companies are huge giants in the online gambling business worth billions.

Then in the early 2000s we saw these webcam casinos coming out of nowhere with some of them appearing then quickly disappearing. Now one of the oldest live dealer casinos has closed in January 2013 which is CasinoWebCam. Also known as CWC this software and service was considered revolutionary in the business. Although this casino has closed, live dealer casinos are getting strong again and now many of the popular online casinos they almost all now seem to come with a live dealer version so players can play live blackjack, live roulette, live craps and live baccarat.

So where can players go to find live casinos at www.online-live-casinos.com well at online-live-casinos.com is one choice that lists them in full reviews and the maximum details.

Most of these dealers are hot girls that are dressed classy but sexy enough to keep you interested assuming you are a male playing these games. As cliche as it may seem to fill your live dealer casinos with only hot chicks, it seems to work and these girls are there to deal and sometimes they interact with you as well.

So are live dealer casinos here to stay? The answer is absolutely yes. The difference between these previous web cam casinos in 2005 and now is that they are more serious and online gambling is considered more normal than ever before. Many major casinos are promoting these games to their players and as a result players are playing more than before and sticking with the games.

Some casinos are just live dealer games but many have RNG games attached as well.


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