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Betting on football: tips or bonuses?

If you like to bet on football whether Premier league, any other league or a major football tournament, as a punter you always have a dilemma on your hands: should I get a good tipster or should I focus on the bonus? In a perfect world you would love to answer both: get a great bonus with the best tipster advice and having picks that make you money on average. Here the bonus acts like a blanket so if you do lose on your picks, the bonus becomes some type of consolation prize.

Football Betting Tips

Bonuses can be nice to get but you can’t get them all the time whereas a betting tip is a tip no matter how you look at it. There are so many sports and individual games to bet on that with good picks, you’ll always have something to choose from. If you do have a great tipster to follow then this could give you the edge you need to go from a losing punter to a winning player.

Finding a good football tipster

Next finding a good football tipster is not easy. There are tons of people on the internet claiming they are the best tipster for any given sport and if you do a search for ‘football tipster’ or ‘football picks’ you’ll find anything and everything. Your next job is to either get a good recommendation of a tipster or to look at the so called tipsters and check their stats for the past year or even further for 2 years or longer. You want to see that with a larger number of bets place and units wagered that their picks are truly profitable on average. Also just because they charge for picks, doesn’t mean they are worth paying for, so check with your friends and look at the track records as these don’t lie.

Football Bonuses & Free Bets

Promotions are the weapon of choice of getting a bookmaker to come back to you. For any sport or major sporting event you can count on a promotion, bonus, free bet or competition. You can always use these to your advantage as there is added value in these promotions and contests. Free bets are the popular bonus of choice from bookmakers and this is a chance to place a larger bet where if you lose, you get your money back to place another bet giving you a decent +EV on that play. Free bets are hard to come by so when you get these you gotta take advantage.

Next are match bonuses which are just as common and you can get 25% up to 100% match bonuses to double your money. You’ll want to pay attention to the terms and conditions of these bonuses but typically you have to wager an average of 5 times the deposit and bonus on sports before you can cashout so make sure you are placing smart bets so you can maximize the EV of the bonus.

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