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Welcome to Gambling Web which has basic information about gambling and online gambling. This page also acts as a resource if you are looking for other websites in online gambling. Call it a directory, listing or guide but the goal of this website is to help you find something in gambling.

Gambling has existed for thousands of years and today it has never been more popular in today’s society than ever, just take financial trading for example. That is pure gambling at it’s finest. Land based casinos have been popular for hundreds of years and Monaco doesn’t really exist without being able to setup their own casino. Las Vegas was at one point the biggest gambling destination in the world but that is now being taken over by Macau.

However since 1994, online gambling has been growing and were not even at the maximum yet. Online you can bet on casinos playing games like blackjack, slots, roulette and video poker. Progressive slots are also popular with some jackpots exceeding $10 million. Online poker is massive and still not yet hit it’s peak. Sportsbetting has made big gains for getting more players gambling and bingo is just getting off the ground.

Other forms of online gambling include scratch cards, binary options, forex, lotteries and majong. Of course there are more ways of gambling online and it isn’t too difficult to find something to bet on.

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